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SafeBike is a virtual motorcycle composed by:
• A mock-up equipped with handlebar, saddle, footpegs, and bike controls as a real motorcycle.
• Proper sensors to detect rider's actions.
• A multibody software to simulate real-time the motorcycle dynamics.
• Electric motors to move the mock-up and generate the motion cueing.
• An audio system plus three widescreens to provide an high quality scenario representation.

Handling and stability tests



Basic Training: allows inexperienced riders to safely engage typical manoeuvres (slalom, entry and exit a turn, lane change, obstacle avoidance ...)
Road Education: trains user to the road and traffic rules in a safe and controlled environment.
Advanced Training: allows experienced riders to practise race tracks in a virtual environment. It also allows to experience special and hazardous riding conditions such as wet or slippery asphalt, worn tires, extremely high power, etc.
Virtual Testing: allows to test new driver assistance systems (e.g. traction control, ABS, curve warning ...) and to evaluate the interaction with the man.

Handling and stability tests

SafeBike offers unique advantages:
• Ride in perfectly safe environment.
• Replay and comparison of manoeuvres with analysis of rider’s performance.
• Virtual testing, in a controlled environment with virtual sensors monitoring all the important physical parameters.
• Customization on request.

Handling and stability tests


Basic practice:
• Vehicle controls practice, switch on and off the engine.
• Accelerate and brake to a stop.
• U-turn manoeuvre, lane change

Advanced manoeuvres: 
• Emergency braking, braking in curve, obstacle avoidance.
• Training to the proper usage of safety systems (e.g. ABS, traction control)
• Training to wet and slippery roads  riding, night riding, etc.

Handling and stability tests


Track learning: practice the track and learn its characteristics in advance: the riding on the real track will be safer and more exciting.

Coach riding: follow the virtual rider to discover the fastest trajectories and to find the proper braking points. The virtual coach is capable to adapt to different tracks, motorcycle powers and other characteristics, as well as to your driving skills.

Handling and stability tests


Development of on-board safety systems:  Advanced Traction Control, Lane Change Support, Curve Warning,  Frontal Collision Warning, etc.
Ergonomics:  develop and test dashboards, handlebar controls, navigation systems, etc.
H2IL: the Hardware & Human in the Loop capability makes it possible to test hardware and software prototypes in a safe and controlled environment with a human rider too.

Safebike was developed in collaboration with the University of Padua, which carried out the development and validation of the simulator.



Safebike has been used successfully in international research projects, such as:

SAFERIDER: ADVANCED TELEMATICS FOR ENHANCING THE SAFETY AND COMFORT OF MOTORCYCLE RIDERS.  Within the 7th  European Framework Programme, this project  has developed and testes several Advanced Riding Assistance  Systems  (ARAS) and On Board Information Systems (OBIS).


European Community project within the 7th FP, it aims to understand the behaviour of powered two wheeled riders in order to suggest appropriate interventions for road safety.

D-air Racing Development of the algorithm for the airbag activation while falling in racing scenarios (in cooperation with DAINESE).