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Dynamotion distributes FastBike, a computer simulation software for the dynamic analysis of motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.
The code makes use of the most advanced multibody techniques and is the result of years of academic research supported by extensive comparisons with road tests and feedback from motorcycle companies.
All of the math model parameters can be measured by Dynamotion.
Our approach is: we model what we can measure.

Three kinds of simulations are available: time domain simulations (e.g. braking, cornering, slalom manoeuvres, etc.), frequency domain simulations (e.g. stability analysis, frequency response evaluation, etc.) and steady-state analysis (e.g. trim analysis, steady cornering, etc.).

It is worth noting that stability and steady-state analyses are not commonly available with other commercial software for vehicle system dynamics. Nevertheless, stability (e.g. weave/wobble frequency and damping) and trim in different motion conditions are among the main objectives of motorcycle engineers.


FastBike includes two applications: a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and SOLVER.

The GUI application is a user-friendly graphical environment for defining motorcycle characteristics (e.g. mass, geometry, tyre parameters, etc.), while the SOLVER application carries out the dynamic simulations.
The SOLVER application may be interfaced easily and driven by external software, e.g. MatLab, modeFRONTIER and many other tools.

Dynamotion also provides support in specialized projects involving FastBike as well as software customization.

Many international motorcycles companies already use FastBike.
Several numerical studies have been carried out using FastBike and published in international papers.

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