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To quantify the handling characteristics of a motorcycle, it is necessary to define some standard tests and methodologies.
Many tests and procedures, such as slalom tests, steady turning, lane change etc. were defined and tested at the University of Padova and are now ready to use.
For each standard test, a special index is calculated and it gives an objective evaluation of the handling characteristics of the motorcycle.

Handling and stability tests

To calculate these indices, it is necessary to put sensors on the bike; to be precise, we need an inertia platform that can measure three fundamental accelerations and yaw, pitch and roll rates.

Handling and stability tests

A GPS system is useful to reconstruct the trajectory. A system to measure the effort of the rider to control the bike during the manoeuvre (e.g. a steering torque sensor) is also necessary. Dynamotion organizes tests, data acquisition and elaboration and sensors to equip the bike.