Riding assistance system development​

Dynamotion develops Advanced Driver/Rider Assistant Systems (ADAS/ARAS) to improve vehicle safety. Such systems generate a warning that alerts the driver to critical situations that are detected during the drive, like imminent vehicle–pedestrian collisions, imminent vehicle–vehicle collisions, current risky manoeuvres and more. The computation of the warning is based on three steps:

  • sensor data collection: a set of sensors (laser scanners, radar, cameras, global positioning systems (GPS) and inertial measurement units (IMU), depending on the application) detect the road’s geometry, the vehicle’s position and state of motion and the presence of obstacles/pedestrians/other vehicles nearby.
  • scenario reconstruction: sensor data is computed to reconstruct the actual driving scenario, locating accurately all the vehicles and all the other objects on the road
  • ADAS/ARAS logic: the actual reconstructed scenario is analysed by a warning algorithm that will alert the rider if a warning situation is detected

The final system can be customised to produce several kinds of warnings depending on the customer’s needs