MSA Motorcycle Stability Analysis

Do you perform tests to assess your vehicle's stability and want to save time in post-processing data and reporting results?

MSA (Motorcycle Stability Analyzer) provides automatic analysis of stability tests.

  • MSA will automatically recognize: coast-down maneuvers, constant speed maneuvers, straight and corner riding conditions
  • amplitude, frequencies and decay rate of weave and wobble, the two most common modes that affect stability

MSA features

The motorcycle must be equipped with an IMU and you only have to ride at the desired speed, either giving or not some impulses to excite vibration modes. 

MSA combines two types of analysis:

  • Stochastic Subspace Identification (no need for impulses)
  • Time Fitting Identification

MSA helps you organize reports by automatically generating plots displaying frequency, amplitude and decay rate of the weave and wobble modes.

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