Numerical simulation with multibody software

Dynamotion provides numerical analyses of dynamic systems using multibody codes.

FastBike is an advanced multibody code for the dynamic analysis of motorcycles and scooters.
Any simulation is as good as the input parameters are, so Dynamotion provides expert support to populate the model datasheet: we can experimentally characterise inertia, stiffness, tyre properties, or provide such data from our database.

Example of simulations are:

  • handling analysis (slalom, lane-change, etc.) and steering torque characterisation (i.e. maps as a function of speed and acceleration)
  • stability analysis (weave and wobble vibration modes frequency and damping)
  • comfort analysis (bounce, pitch, hops vibration modes frequency and damping)
  • chatter analysis
  • engine-to-slip analysis (for traction control design)
  • rider’s impedance analysis
Stability analysis case-study with FastBike

Lap Time Simulation and Vehicle Setup Optimisation

The “optimal manoeuvre” software allows us to measure effectively the vehicle’s manoeuvrability, i.e. the ability of the motorcycle to complete complex manoeuvres in the shortest possible times.

This is very important when designing a vehicle for a specific reason (for example, racing), when looking for the optimal value of a parameter (e.g. centre of mass position, gear ratios, etc.) or when comparing different vehicles.

Dynamotion provides analyses using the “optimal manoeuvre” method, as long as it is provided with the track geometry and the vehicle characteristics (the parameters of which can be either provided or measured by Dynamotion).

Multibody simulations with other commercial tools

We provide simulation services with many other simulation softwares. Ask us for a simulation service.